Yeonhui Crafts Market

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The first ‘Seoul Secret’ will take you to Yeonhui Crafts Market, great for a quiet weekend. Take a stroll through the neighbourhood browsing bakeries, coffee shops and great sandwich shops along the way using the simple directions above.

tomis bakery

After taking exit 3 of Hongik University station follow the red line, the first place you will come across is Tomi’s Bakery. A great bakery with a range of freshly baked breads and pastries worth checking out!


Continue meandering through the neighbourhood and you will stumble across this Vietnamese sandwich shop just outside Yeonhui Crafts Market, they sell great Bánh mì sandwiches that will fill the stomach of anyone who has been craving them since leaving South East Asia.


You will arrive at the market which is hidden down some dark alleyways, but you will be greeted by ambient lights and an array of handmade crafts from handmade silver jewellery to flavoured almonds. You can find these markets will fluctuate in size throughout the year, with ever changing themes. After browsing the stalls you’ll be in need of some great coffee..

The two market stalls featured are:

Handmade Silver jewellery by Hyun Joo Kim, find more on

Handmade flavoured almonds by 컨근우, find more on

sai coffee

And look no further than Sai Coffee right next to the market. They offer a great range of coffee blends from all over the world, all brewed up using a Moka coffee pot. The result being outstanding tasting coffee, not to be missed!

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