A weekend of contrast (part 2)

A dry and sunny Sunday…

dongmyo .jpg

Waking up Sunday to blue skies and sunshine after a horrendously wet Saturday, you could not imagine such a contrasting day. So ‘Seoul Secrets’ decided after yesterdays trip to Time Square Mall and high-end shopping, we would offer you a view of shopping in Seoul on a shoe string budget. No better place than Dongmyo Flea Market to find a bargain, check out the highlights below:

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Take exit 3 of Dongmyo Subway station, and immediately be engulfed by people and their goods for sale! The flea market takes place every Sunday and sprawls through alleyways and down side streets for a few blocks (red areas on the map above). Be prepared for the trademark hustle and bustle of a crowded market place, entwined with food stalls and restaurants.

dongmyo market.jpg

Here you will find everything you can imagine from used clothes, toys and even eyeglasses! Everywhere you turn you will see something that will catch your eye. Whilst being carried along with the crowd you will come across a diamond in the rough, as the crowds clear a shrine will appear.

dongmyo shrine.jpg

A colourful and serene haven greets you on arrival, sit, rest and prepare to face the crowds once more. Dongmyo Station takes its name from this shrine, built to honour the Chinese general and deity Guan Yu (162-219).

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If you exit the flea market (as marked above) you will see another shrine up in the distance. Cross at the intersection and begin walking up the hill, following the path the left.

way to the shrine

Keep following the path and pass by some traditional housing, eventually you will stumble across the wooden staircase. Ascend and take the path that leads to the left.

naksan myogksan

At the top of the path you will be greeted by this shrine, its a great vantage point of the surrounding area. Take time to enjoy the view and even look down on the market from above, gather your thoughts before you enter the fray once more…





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