Kondae (Konkuk University area)

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This weekend Seoul Secrets ventured to the Kondae area residing in the East of Seoul. A vibrant and energetic neighbourhood surrounding the Konkuk University, it is more famously known amongst students for it’s night life and party culture. To get here take the subway to Konkuk University on Line 2 and take Exit 6. All areas featured today are marked on the map above.

During the day its a fairly normal university neighbourhood but by night it becomes a whole different animal all together. Seen by many as an area growing in popularity amongst foreigners it is still yet to reach the masses the same way sister university areas such as Hongdae or Sinchon have.

Seoul Secrets decided to check out the area for restaurants, cafes and shopping during the day, but will be bringing you a low down of the infamous night life very soon! Watch this space!

common ground.jpg

One of the newest and biggest attractions of this area is the shopping mall called ‘Common Ground’, with its unique structure of blue shipping containers cleverly arranged and stacked to create a great shopping experience and hang out area.

To get here walk straight out of Exit 6 and keep going for 5 mins and you can’t miss it on your left hand side.


Common Ground consists of three floors, the first and second boasting a wide range of fashion, lifestyle and accessories stores. Taking the stairs up to the third floor will reveal a terrace market which has a range of cafes and restaurants, which are great for chilling out and enjoying the sunshine with friends, family or a loved one. One highlight being ‘Standing Sushi” brought to you by the same guys of the acclaimed ‘Standing Coffee’.


Once you’ve had enough of shopping check out some of the neighbourhood by heading back towards Exit 6 of the subway, before you reach the exit you will pass a red bricked road lined with an array of stores on your ride hand side. Take a stroll down that road to find the next Secret Spot!


Apart from being the home to many students this area is also the home for a large Chinese community. Therefore this area has a street lined with Chinese lamb restaurants, some of which being the best lamb skewers in Seoul. One being Maehwa’s skewer restaurant, often filled with people so a reservation would be recommended.

cafe ho2.jpg

Once you’ve had your fill of delicious lamb make your way back towards the station on the red brick road…once you’re nearing the main road take a right at the GS25 and walk for 20 more seconds and right again, you will see Cafe Ho2.

cafe ho22.jpg

This place is a ‘really hole in the wall’ as it has such an unassuming entrance, but once inside you’ll be greeted by friendly staff. Offering a range of cream cakes and an array of hot and cold drinks. This place gives you a great, clean and bright environment upstairs for studying, catching up with friends, dates or just reading a good book alone.

Have fun in Kondae and we will be bringing you the night life guide soon!


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