Naksan Park

naksan park

This weekend Seoul Secrets ventured to northern Seoul for the beautiful panoramic views that can be had at Naksan Park, Daehangno. With only a modest height of just over 100 metres, this mountain served as one of four guardian mountains of the Joseon dynasty capital ,along with Bugaksan, Namsan, Inwangsan. An area of natural beauty with a portion of the old fortress wall perched upon the granite mountain, offers a great place to spend a weekend enjoying the weather. As well as being close to the Ihwa Mural Village for more picture opportunities.

To get here requires a small hike uphill from Hyewha Station through Daehangno and the Mural village for about 450 metres. Take Exit 2 from the subway station and follow the directions below:

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-Take a left out of the Subway

-Walk through the park to the right hand corner

-Keep walking till you see a brown building with white tree art

-After passing this building take a left and walk towards a pharmacy

-Here you’ll see a white Italian restaurant and a sign to the mountain

-Continue meandering up the steep road till you see a grey stair case

-You are here! At the base of the mountain trial!

At this point it is very easy to navigate your way around the mountain, there are three main observation points, so go explore and have fun! There are walkways directly to the top, or take more relaxed meandering routes.


If you head to the eastern side (as you look at the mountain) following the wall down you will join the top of the Mural Village which has some nice stores and cafes.

Here you’ll find this cafe offering a great view of Seoul.

Gaebul cafe.jpg

개뿔 Cafe is a very interesting name as it translates directly as dogs horn or nose, but it also has another slang meaning which is ridiculous or bullshit. But this is far from a bullshit place and the only thing that is ridiculous about here is the great view of Seoul looking towards Namsan. A great haven providing shade and refreshing beverages after walking in the midday heat, it will seem like an oasis in the desert. Pretty appropriate as this park is sometimes called Nakta Park, in reference to its hump like appearance and ‘nakta’ being korean word for camel. This is the spot to get your fill!

If you’re looking for somewhere to drink something stronger head back down to the station, and walk towards Exit 4 of the subway. Once here walk down the busy shopping street take a left at Tous les Jours, walk straight take a right at the end, keeping walking take left and you’ll see the black and yellow sign 독일주택 follow the pictures below:


Dogil jutaeg.jpg

This homely pub, has a really Korean vibe, with traditional decor whilst offering German style beer…a winning formula! The name 독일주택 some people translate to mean ‘German House’ but the intended translation is 독=single in Chinese, 일= one in Chinese, so meaning ‘drink one cup of drink by yourself’. This place welcomes people to drink one beer by themselves, which is rare in Korean culture as drinking is very much a social event. With a bar and a courtyard area of a few tables, it’s quite a busy place so you may need to wait on the benches out front till a table becomes available. But its well worth the wait!

Go check out Naksan Park and enjoy the views!

Seoul Secrets

*Seoul Secrets would like to say a huge thank you to Jinhee who suggested this great spot as well as the drinking advice! Also like to thank Jisoo for helping navigate as well as providing the translations and meanings. Thank you so much!







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