Samcheongdong is a trendy neighbourhood of cafes, restaurants and boutique shops in Jongno-gu in northern Seoul. Part of Bukchon just east of the Gyeongbokgung Palace, it attracts many tourist and is far from a ‘secret’, but Seoul Secrets felt it was a place that cannot be missed when visiting Seoul and wanted to check it out!

The name ‘Samcheong’ comes from the word ‘sam’ meaning three and ‘Cheong’ meaning ‘fresh’ or ‘pure’ in Korean. So what does ‘three pure’ stand for you may wonder, well they say it’s because the mountain, water and hearts of the people in this area are all fresh and pure.

An artistic neighbourhood covered in wall art graffiti and made up of some really interesting architecture, even if shopping isn’t your thing you should still come here to just take in the surroundings. As mentioned it can attract a large crowd of tourists at times so we’d suggest coming here earlier in the day if you’d prefer to browse in relative peace before the rush begins.



To get here take Subway Line 3 (orange line) to Anguk Station, take Exit 1.

Turn right out of the exit and walk to the end of street, here you’ll pass a bank on your right, keep following the road to the right. Here you’ll see narrow stone wall lined road, follow that road. The follow the pictures above for advice.



5 dollar store.jpg

As you navigate your way up through Samcheongdong, you’ll come across this ‘5 dollar’ store. This places only sells things up to the value of five dollars or five thousand won, so if your looking for some bargains this is the place for you!

As you continue up Samcheong road you will spot the ‘smiling sun’ mural on your right, if you cross the street here you’ll see a cafe 5cijung, take the small walkway beside here to find our next spot.




This small hanok building nestled away from the main street is the home to ‘Boutique Kyunsung’. Offering a range of steaks as well as pastas and salads ranging from 15,000 -32,000 won, in the picture above is the Hamburger Steak with kinchi pilaf. Arriving in a sizzling stone bowl filled with a delicious kimchi pilaf with a perfectly cooked hamburger steak topped with two types of cheese. Pictures and words alone cannot do justice for just how good this was…highly recommend checking this place out!


If you exit here and take a left following the narrow path will lead you here:



This is one of those places that a picture says a thousand words… Retrona Pie is a bakery cafe that offers a wide range of freshly baked delights all produced on the premises. The most popular from a wide range of pies is the banana crunch (the one in the picture above) as recommend by the owner it did not disappoint. With its green and yellow retro paint job this place would be impossible to walk by without being intrigued, go in and take a look, you won’t regret it!


As you exit here take a left and you’ll reach back to the main road of Samcheong:


Seoul Secrets hopes you enjoy your time here and make lots of memories!

Seoul Secrets


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