This weekend Seoul Secrets visited an area of Seoul that is quite well known amongst the local expats and foreigner community, but could be easily missed by those new to Korea or here for only a short stay vacation. Gyeongnidan-gil that we are focusing on today is just beside the main road of Gyeongnidan ,near to Itaewon. It’s packed full of cafes, restaurants, fruit juice stores and many more places worth checking out! Don’t forget your camera!

Gyeongnidan-gil literally translates to the road on which the former R.O.K Army Central Finance Corp was located. To most it will look like an ordinary street in Seoul, but with its global community of residents combined with the locals you can find a range of diverse foods, unique restaurants and cafes here.



To get here take Line 6 to Noksapyeong station,

Leave via exit 3 and cross the street,

Take the overpass to the right hand side of the road and start walking towards Namsan tower in the distance:

As you walk down this road you’ll pass the foreign book store along the way, worth stopping by to pick up a new read.


Continue down the road and you’ll eventually see the unmissable ‘Street Churros’ sign on your right, this is the beginning of Gyeongnidan-gil.




The first place we’re featuring is 5BEY American Kitchen, super easy to find with its distinctly colourful street art (as seen in the picture above). As you’d expect from an American kitchen everything is big, brash and colourful, from the giant cocktails that even come with small rubber ducks swimming on top to the superhero inspired burger menu.

They did however offer some delicious kimchi fries just in case you were forgetting you were in Korea!

As you continue up the street you will come across this place:


As you can probably guess from the name ‘Honeyst’ is a honey shop. From the exterior you may initially assume it’s a dessert cafe offering ice cream and honey..(which they do) But after talking with owner they actually focus on providing healthy types of honey imported from the US. So if you’re looking for some good quality honey this is the place for you…plus the ice cream and honey is delicious!



With the hill getting steeper it forks into two roads, take the road to the left for more cool places to check out, it will eventually lead to Gyeongnidan main road.

If you’re new to Seoul or just visiting we hope this article will help you find this cool little area!

Have Fun!

Seoul Secrets





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