Bongeunsa Temple


This weekend Seoul Secrets felt it was long overdue to visit some awesome places south of the Han River, as many of our featured spots have been north of the famous river. This time we took a trip to the area around Gangnam, mainly within distance of subway line 9. As the Seoul weather is scorching right now we tried to avoid too much walking or getting lost.

First we checked out places to grab some food and coffee between Sinnonhyeon and Gangnam Station. To get take here exit 5 of Sinnonhyeon and follow the pictures below:


Keep walking straight out of Exit 5, with benches lining the pavement.


On your way you will pass by the super hot Shake Shack (excuse the pun) the first of thier stores to open in Korea. This has led to people waiting and queuing in ridiculous heat to be some of the first to try their juicy burgers on Korean soil.


Once you pass the CGV take the sharp left up the hill, keep walking till you reach a building with ‘Apsley’ hairdressers on the third floor.


Take a left here and you’ll spot ‘Muchacho’ in the basement.



This is ‘Muchacho’ a Tex-Mex-Korean style restaurant, when arriving at 11.55am there was already people waiting for service to begin at 12! When you enter you’re greeted by the open plan kitchen with a vast team busily preparing your food, the smell of sizzling meat hits your nose and wakes up your taste buds up as you check out the overhead menu board.

In the featured picture you can see the Muchacho tacos and in the picture above the kimchi cheese fries, now they may not be authentic style mexican food, but they’re still unbelievable tasty and a must try place!

Part of a group of five restaurants called ‘CNP’ all within the Gangnam area, the same group that brings more delicious food over at Double Trouble.

After food you might be looking for some coffee, the perfect place is just up the road in the form of Espresso Public.

espresso public.jpg

This place is more famous for it’s brunch, but after chowing down on all that mexican food there was only space left to try some of the fine hand dripped coffee. Offering a wide range of blends all prepared on the premises, this places is great to chill and let the world pass you by.



Once you finish here head back to Sinnonhyeon Station, and jump on the train to Bongeunsa. It’s only four stops away and take Exit 1.



Bongeunsa Temple and its surrounding grounds are a serene haven of peace, and can give a soothing calmness whilst the hustle and bustle of Seoul continues on around you. On a sunny day the mix of colourful traditional architecture and the shiny modern glass structures provides a unique view of the many faces Seoul has to offer both old and new.


There is currently a lotus festival running from 27/6 to 24/8.


Come check this place out while the festival is still on…you won’t be disappointed!

Seoul Secrets


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