After moving across Seoul from East to West, I discovered the area I was just beginning to reside had lots of quaint and quirky cafes and restaurants, as well as a cool park area. When exploring the area it seemed only Koreans were making the most of it, so I carried out some research in English on various search engines to see what I could find about the area…What I found was mostly sites offering information on the most well known tourist spots and attractions. This gave me an idea!

I felt there were so many sides of Seoul all to easily missed by non-korean speaking foreigners, so I thought why not create a blog/forum/tool where people can easily find clear information on locations, attractions and directions to these ‘Secret’ areas.

So the concept of ‘Seoul Secrets’ was born! I only have so many ‘Secret’ areas, so I need people to comment and share ideas on their favourite spots, all suggestions will be credited of course. Lets share the secrets!



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